Monster16 TIG Nozzle Kit, 1/16' (1.6mm)


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With Two Monster16
Nozzles With 1/16' Screen Stacks Installed. For 9/20 & 2-Series TIG Torches. #16 =
1' (25.4mm) #16 Orifice x 1-1/8' (28.5mm) Long. Engineered to deliver a coherent
stream of shielding gas for improved weld-quality, consistency and reduced post
weld clean-up.

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kr 895,00 inkl.

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Kit Includes:
2ea. Monster16, #16 TIG Nozzle with Integrated, varying mesh screen stack diffuser
1ea. Flow-tested Gas Lens Collet Body
1ea. Leak-tested Medium Back Cap
1ea. Leak-tested Button Back Cap
1ea. Heavy-Duty Wedge Collet
1ea. Teflon Heat Insulator