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034 motorsport

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Racing style throw out bearing for Tilton and other multi-plate clutch kits we offer, features a Tilton bearing in our own CNC machined aluminum housing.  For use in clutch kits with high clamping load and high heat stress.  Once bearing is inserted in factory throw out bracket, 2 allen screws contain it from the back.


INSTALLATION NOTE - The factory throw out bearing is plastic and easily conforms, thus the throw out bearing arm from the factory is an imprecisely stamped steel item.  The 034Motorsport Throw Out Bearing is made from precision machined aluminum.  When installing this part, ensure that it fits somewhat loosely in the bracket when finally installed, it should slide up and down as well as pivot freely in the bracket.  If it is tight and does not have full articulation, it will seize in the bracket and prevent clutch function.  Simply clearance the bracket to have approx .1mm of "looseness or clearance" so that the throw out bearing can move freely in the bracket.