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    • The largest unit in the TiAL lineup. This massive 60mm wastegate will control boost with dead on accuracy in the most demanding situations. The V60 is a favorite in the drag racing and road racing industries, from the burnout box to the finishing line at Circuit de la Sarthe. Black and silver is in stock others must be ordered

    • kr 3.000,00

      The MV-S 38mm unit is much more compact than its F38 predecessor - standing only  3.7” in height. The V-Band flanges make installation pain free, the three lower & two upper air ports make connecting pressure sources and boost controllers easy! Black and silver is in stock others must be ordered  

      kr 3.000,00
    • kr 3.756,00

      The MV-R 44mm wastegate is more compact than any current 44 or 46mm wastegate on the market. You get two top air ports and three bottom air ports for easy install. This unit is a direct bolt on for our V44. The MV-R has an optional extreme high temp casting available for Motorsport applications. Black and Silver in stock other colours must be ordered

      kr 3.756,00
    Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items